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Chilies 100% Maremma

Our chilies are grown according to local Maremma traditions, ensuring an authentic and inimitable flavor.

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Sustainability and respect for the environment

We use environmentally friendly growing methods for our chilies, protecting biodiversity and reducing environmental impact.

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Short supply chain

From the Maremma to your table. From cultivation to the end consumer through a short supply chain to ensure freshness, quality and sustainability.

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Explore our selection of chili peppers sorted by degree of hotness. Click on the category you prefer, from mild sweetness to atomic intensity, and find the perfect chili for you!

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Personalized spicy favors

Chili food favors that Pepper Maremma has designed for any special event. The favors represent...
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Always skeptical about the spicy taste, I almost disinterestedly approach the Pepper Maremma stall during a market, where they were also making spicy mojitos and gin and tonics that day. I decide to put my faith in him as the guy seems to know it and with a friend of mine we taste both cocktails. What can I say, D E L I Z I O S ! By now intrigued, I let myself be convinced to taste the rest of the products which I found really interesting and delicious and now in my kitchen there is never a shortage of chili peppers because like black, it looks good on everything! Very easy also to buy online because I can't always follow you in your traveling markets. Good job indeed!
Simona siveri
Simona Siveri
The spiciness of champions, real good ones!
Andrea tola
Andrea Tola
Prompt shipment and very well packaged; the seedlings arrived fresh and intact.Excellent site information and accompanying materials as well: you really can`t ask for better!!!
Anna barga
Anna Barga
5 stars to this little Maremma reality! They were great in advising us with passion and precision. Very good grappa. By now they have become the official suppliers of peppers.
Benedetta petrilli
benedetta petrilli
Excellent experience . Variety of products, originality of packaging, courtesy and professionalism of producers. The sun and the Maremma to make the raw material makes excellent products.
Feeling the need for something electrifying, I bought Pepper Maremma's grappiccante. Pepper grappa dosed to perfection, initially the grappa releases its flavors and in the finish you feel all the unique aroma of the pepper. A ME-RA-VI-GLIA... I will buy it again as soon as it runs out 🌶️ Good guys 💪🏼
G f
Quality products and passion in favorable terrain... niche meetings in an innovative and decidedly spicy Maremma
Daniela imperio
Thank you Pepper Maremma for your passion and willingness to create a custom package for my company, products super appreciated by colleagues. Definitely to be recommended.
Rossi gessica
Rossi Gessica
Delicious products of the highest quality. A guarantee! Luca very kind and helpful. Thank you very much
Julia falini
julia falini

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